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China Hybrid Solar Pumps
Hybrid Solar Pump 800LPH - Keeping Running 24hours / 7days with LED light for your garden pond, fountain, water feature.
The application of larger solar pumps used to be subject to backup battery capacity and large solar panels. Expensive initial costs and later battery maintenance problem blocked new products development and marketing in this field.
But now thanks to the newest Solar Hybrid technology, it is feasible to launch our new Solar Hybrid Pumps, this design is no longer subject to any battery problem, the pump keeps stable performance 24h/7days in all weather conditions.
The solar hybrid models combine an AC/DC adaptor into product design, the hybrid system will detect solar power output at very moment, and decide if need and need how much mains power to keep pump working consistently all the time. This design is very suitable for particular applications in which consistent pumping is a MUST. This hybrid solar pump smartly reduce daily operating cost and most importantly ensure a high stable performance of water pumping unit.
Hybrid Solar Pond Pump Kit Includes (Model#: SLP108D)
- 8.0W crystalline silicon solar panel
- DC18V brushless pump with 5m cable
- 1pc LED light ring with 5m cable
- 1pc AC/DC adaptor with 5m cable
- 1set solar panel brackets and ground spikes, solar panel angle is adjustable
- fountain heads  
Hybrid Solar Function:  
- run by solar only when good sunny day
- run partly by mains power and partly by solar when cloudy day
- run by mains power only at nightChina Hybrid Solar Pumps

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